Joanna’s paper on heat-induced endothelial cell activation is published in Integrative Biology.

Keith takes a much needed sabbatical to work with Luigi De Marco and colleagues at the Centro di Riferimento Oncologico in Aviano, Italy.

Keith Neeves and Aaron Fogelson (U of Utah) published “Fluid mechanics of blood clot formation” in Annual Reviews of Fluid Mechanics.

Adam Wufsus paper on the elastic behavior of low and high density fibrin gels was accepted for publication in Biophysical Journal.

NIH_Master_Logo_Vertical_2ColorIn collaboration with Aaron Fogelson (Utah), Karin Leiderman (UC-Merced) and Jorge Di Paola (CU-Denver) the Neeves lab was awarded at NIH R01 grant on systems biology approaches to predicting bleeding in hemophilia.

Joanna Sylman’s paper on NO signaling in platelets was published in Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering.